Belle Toddler Slippers

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Make your kiddo the belle of the ball with these Belle Toddler Slippers! If she already acts like a humble bookworm but you still want to treat her like a princess these slippers will be perfect! Your little one will be fine without the glass slippers, they're way to showy and awfully uncomfortable anyways

All you need now is a dress to match these slippers and a few more enchanting accessories and your tiny princess will look like she hopped right out of a Disney production

This pair of slip-on foot ware is designed to match the unique look of the Beauty in the tale of the Beast and his cursed castle, and these booties are as comfortable as they are cute!While we don't expect your little one to run off and be kidnapped by a misunderstood monster, we would be surprised if she didn't get compliments on her footwear while you take her out for a walk about the town